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  https://www.lightwave.net一直是一个不错的美国vps商,站长Daved Daly的口碑还是不错的vpsma以前也在用它们的服务,但是由于手里的美国vps太多了,于是就取消了续费lightwave.net的vps服务,但是加入了他们的?affiliate program,推荐给朋友,可以有一点提成奖励。但是最近登陆一直登陆不上,于是就给他发tickets咨询。


My email is :x xxxxx

I can not login in my account now.
Have you deleted my account?

  Daved @ Lightwave Networking :

Unfortunately, I'm unable to find your account from the email address provided.

Do you know what one of your IP addresses is/was?


I haven't bought a vps,but i have joined the affiliate program.
my Referral Link is:
I remembered several customer have bought from my Referral Link .
And the link is still in my?blog .

i joined the affiliate program at july 16th 2010.
  Daved @ Lightwave Networking:

Aah, I see.
I am going back through backups to see when the account was removed and what referrals it had at the time.

I occasionally do remove accounts which have no associated products or affiliate participation...
It's possible your account was removed improperly.

Unfortunately, theres not an easy way for me to go back and undo an account deletion.
What I need you to do is first register for a new WHMCS account and affiliate account.

I will then update your new affiliate ID to your old affiliate ID and check the numbers.
I can easily identify 8 accounts which should be earning you credit.


I registered a new a new WHMCS account .
my email is: xxxxxx
Daved @ Lightwave Networking:
Disregard the "new" affiliate ID.
Is still the link you should use.

I am going back and checking that all previous amounts have been correctly accounted for.

(Please note, there were several accounts that were referred, but who cancelled prior to an affiliate payout being available).



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